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Most girls can't deny the fact the guys with tattoos is oh so sexy. Sporting a well designed tattoo makes a man appear manly and tough. If this hunk would take off his shirt exposing this intricate, detailed and beautifully drawn back tattoo, would you instinctively gaze at it? But of course! Back tattoos for men surely are a bonus point in aiming to capture a woman's attention.

But if you're eyeing to get a back inking, don't simply rely on a randomly picked, run-of-the-mill design but exert some time and energy to create something with significance and quality. Besides, a tattoo should not only make you look good but must remind you of something, right? Leave those old, generic junk designs alone and look for your own unique style and design preferences.

Why Sport A Back Tattoo?
The back is like a huge canvass where an artist can freely enjoy lots of space. Extensive, detailed and intricate tattoo designs can be done here without the danger of distortion. Furthermore, back tattoos can be hidden a lot easier than sleeve tattoos or leg tattoos. If you're working in companies or organizations where tattoos are restricted, well, a back tattoo is a clever option.

Popular Back Tattoo Designs

Tribal Tattoos
Tribal tattoos are back in fashion for male community! Tribal designs are brought back to life, well, who wouldn't miss those classic interwoven patterns and sweet abstract line work? The broad designs, dark black ink are simply gorgeous, and the mystic look would catch attention quite easily.

Spice up your tribal tattoo by not adapting what used to be done, instead, gear your attention to authentic tribal tattoo designs associated with ancient tribes and cultures. Have you seen the tattoo art works of Hawaiian, Polynesian and Maori tribal designs?

Celtic Tattoos
Largely influenced by loops, spirals, triangles and knots, Celtic tattoos are growing in popularity amongst the male community. Despite being considered as one of the oldest design of tattoos, Celtic tattoos' mesmerizing charisma makes any tattoo enthusiast very intrigued and nod with delight.

Animal Tattoos
Of course, animal tattoos mostly depict a person's personality and character. So are you a lion, wolf or a dainty butterfly? Animal tattoos will make a great representation of your strength, bravery, instinct and power. This is a great tool to see yourself as a different being and focus more on your character.

Flaunt your well designed and well drawn back tattoo (unless of course you're at the office)! Choose a design that makes you smile and be proud of your own personal artwork. Stop wasting your time and energy on typical, run-of-the-mill designs. Follow what your heart and mind truly wanted.

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