Popular Tattoo Locations for Men and Women

Tattoos can certainly be inked at any part of the body. Most ankle, shoulder, wrist, hip and lower back tattoos are often associated with girls. While arm, leg, chest and back tattoos are favourite parts or places for men.

There are considerations that you need to know regarding the part you want to have your tattoos on.

Ankle tattoos
Since it is more of a feminine area, designs are also girly such as butterflies, flowers, hearts, etc. Getting an ankle tattoo might be a little difficult. You have to assume a reclining position on a bench or chair. It is also a little more painful than usual because it is a less padded area. They also tend to bleed more. Tattoo on this area are easily hidden usually with a sock and can be readily shown off to accentuate your leg shape.

Arm (Full arm/ Arm Sleeves) tattoos
Arm has been a favorite and widely use canvas for tattoos. It is because this area is usually exposed or visible and gives a huge work area that can start from your upper arm down to your wrist in which we call sleeves tattoo. Designs on this areas varies from pin up girls to tribal as well as Chinese and Japanese design such as the popular koi fish. Deltoid tattoos are not as painful as those on the wrist. forearm and the thinner inside skin of the arm.

Lower back tattoos
This area is more suitable for feminine classic large and intricate designs. It provides a vast area to work on (horizontally) and is not visible unless exposed if desired. It also appears very sexy that is why it is preferred by most women. Also this part cannot easily be damaged or changed by your skin changes due to weight fluctuations or loss. However, this could be a very difficult place to clean especially on your own. Designs are endless such as horizontal or v designs of fairies, butterfiles, tribal and even letter tattoos.

Chest tattoos
Although chest tattoos suggest masculinity, it is also a choice of location for women. It is because chest locations are near the breast and is considered intimate and sensual. On the other hand, men choose this are for a large spot to display a large and intricate design. Chest tattoos are easily hidden and can easily be shown off too by going shirtless.

Neck tattoos
They are the most visible tattoos besides those on the face. For some girls, long hair could hide neck tattoos. While for most people it is not easily hidden. Neck tattoo also hurt more because it is thin and close to the bone. Unlike other areas, it is not padded because it has little fat and muscle. Furthermore, this area is on a constant movement (eg. when we turn our heads to the sides) thus creating friction.

Shoulder tattoos
This location is widely becoming a popular area for tattoos. Shoulder tattoos are for both men and women. For men, it is an addition to most arm and back pieces. While for women, small feminine design on this area appears sexy. This are can be covered and sometimes flaunted especially for women who wears tubes, sleeveless, off-shoulder dresses.