Back Tattoos For Men

               One of the best ways to express yourself is through a tattoo! The back is one of the most popular spots for men to get tattoos and the options are pretty much limitless. The back is primarily divided up into three regions: upper back, middle back and lower back tattoos. Lower back tattoos, commonly knowns as the tramp stamp, are done mostly by girls. Upper back and middle back tattoos are done by both guys and girls, however it is more popular amongst the men. Why is body art on the back so popular? There are many reasons body art on the back has become so popular amongst men. First, unlike many other body art locations, it can easily be hidden. This is perfect for the men in organizations that do not allow you to show body art. Secondly, and more importantly, the back is a very broad area and the tattoo design options are limitless. You can start with just an upper back body art and later extend it all the way down to your lower back, much like an arm sleeve! Most popular tattoo designs for men: Tribal: Tribal body art is one of the first choices for any tattoo lover! The main reason is their versatility of designs, which are usually done with the help of dark black ink. Besides, tribal body art can be quite extensive and are perfect for a broad locations like the back. This makes them the first choice when it comes to upper back tattoos. You can opt for the classic tribal or the variations available in them like the Maori, Polynesian, etc. Dragons on the back are also one of the popular designs, especially amongst guys, so if you want your tattoo to attract attention, tribal tattoos are a perfect choice for you. Animal: Animal tattoos are another very popular option for back tattoos for men. Animal tattoos generally symbolize strength and bravery, so if you wish to get a tattoo done for those reasons, animal tattoos are a great option for you! Cross and Angel: Having a guardian angel tattoo on your back is another very popular choice for men. Cross and angel tattoos often symbolize a higher power watching over you and your loved ones. They can also be great for memorial pieces and are a great tattoo to show off on the back with plenty of room to expand!