Nautical Star Tattoos Meanings

Though tattoos have gained popularity only recently, they have been in existence since a long time. One of the earliest tattoos, which has been around for more than a century is the nautical star tattoo. However, the history of tattoo designs of nautical stars like many other maritime tattoos, is shrouded in mystery. The thing about symbols is that their meanings keep on changing as time progresses. The same thing has happened with nautical star tattoos meanings. The meaning of nautical star tattoos has changed quite a lot in the last two decades, and is still a subject of speculation.

What do Nautical Star Tattoos Mean
There are a lot of controversies surrounding the true meaning. Over the years, many groups have tried to adapt tattoo designs of the nautical star with their own unique interpretation. Thus, nautical star tattoo symbolism has led to wide disagreement on the actual significance of nautical star tattoos. But one thing everyone agrees unanimously on is, that the first group of people to wear tattoo designs of nautical stars were sailors.

Back in the good old days, before modern navigation, sailors would navigate their ships with the help of stars, the North star and Southern Cross star in particular, along with various other constellations in the sky. As stars played a pivotal role in taking them home safely, sailors being superstitious, started inking nautical stars as a tribute to the star that they rely on for getting home safely. Besides sailors, soldiers also get these nautical star tattoos as they symbolize protection and guidance.

In recent years, nautical star tattoos have become popular with many distinct groups. One such group includes musicians and followers of punk rock. The main reason for this is the association of the nautical star with Sailor Jerry and the popularity of his signature tattoos, which included nautical star tattoos. Another group that was allegedly associated with nautical star tattoos is the gay and lesbian community, especially during the 1940s and 1950s. But ultimately, of all tattoos of stars, nautical star tattoos have become very famous, and now this tattoo is not restricted to any specific group of people. However, regarding its meaning, there is still some disagreement on what nautical star tattoos meaning, especially in today's time and age. Most people believe that the nautical star still represent guidance. For some, they are a symbol of guidance in one's life. Also, some say that the true nautical star tattoo's symbol is to create your own path, but to use the star as a guiding source as and when needed.

Nautical Star Tattoos Designs
The traditional nautical star bears five points that have a line splitting them in half down each point. Each of the triangular half of the points are filled with alternating colors. Earlier, only colors like white and black or red and black were used, but today, these stars can be found in all kinds of colors, depending on the person's taste and personality. Nautical star tattoos are unisex tattoos, thus, being a rage as tattoos for girls and tattoos for men. The nautical star is said to be an amalgamation of the North star ,and the stars that we often see on compasses. Though nautical star tattoos look great almost anywhere, they are popular as ankle tattoos for women and as wrist tattoos. The shapes and sizes of the nautical star tattoo designs vary depending on the place where you intend to get it inked. But often, people get a lot of small and intricately designed nautical stars, or they include other images like flower tattoos or tribal tattoos, or sun and moon tattoos, to make a truly unique nautical star tattoo design. Nautical tattoos inked singularly make a powerful statement, or even by using them as a part of another scene, the message can be enhanced. But, whichever tattoo design you choose, it is very important to take adequate tattoo care, to ensure a long-lasting and good-looking tattoo.

These were just a few ideas for nautical star tattoos. You can use your creativity to come up with unique nautical tattoos that signify something special to you. If you want a tattoo that is a sign of finding one's way, thus, which will help in navigating through life, and make you a better person, then a nautical star tattoo is the best choice for you. Though nautical star tattoos meanings are not clear till today, don't let that stop you from getting this tattoo, as it can mean whatever you want it to mean!