Tattoo Ideas for Men

Tattoos are used as means of self expression. They speak about the person's personality. They can also be used for expressing their beliefs and thoughts. If you have to look at the different tattoos for men, you will realize there is no limit to the number of tattoo ideas. At the same time, you can choose to mix a couple of tattoo ideas to come up with unique tattoos for men. Men can make use of some great tattoo ideas, to make a tattoo of your choice. The tattoo designs for men range from the simple tattoos for men to the most complicated tattoo designs for men. There are different tattoo placement ideas, which you can make use of to place your tattoo strategically.

Men's Tattoo Ideas

The tattoo ideas are divided into various sub parts. This will help in giving you a better idea of the kind of tattoo you want. They have been divided into regional tattoos and contemporary tattoos. Let's take a look.

Regional Tattoos for Men

The regional tattoos make for cool tattoos for men. You can choose to get a regional tattoo to honor the region you come from. If you have visited a particular part of the world and want to honor your visit, you can choose a regional tattoo, as a small tattoo design for men. A friend chose to get an Italian tattoo design for men made on his wrist, because he met the love of this life, when he was on a vacation in Italy. The tattoo meanings for each of these tattoos will differ from person to person. For detailed tattoo ideas on regional tattoos, take a look at
Irish Tattoos for Men
Italian Tattoos for Men
Celtic Tattoos for Men
Hawaiian Tattoos for Men
Tribal Tattoos for Men
Contemporary Tattoos for Men

Among the tattoo ideas for men the contemporary tattoos are a big hit. There is a huge variety one can choose from in this section. You can also combine a couple of tattoo designs for men and personalize your tattoo design.
The cross tattoos for men, do not have to be associated with any particular religion. There is a huge variety of cross tattoo designs for men from which you can choose from.
The dragon tattoos for men have always been popular. They have their own class and own set of followers. If you choose to get a tattoo on your back, then this is an apt design for the tattoo.
Heart tattoo designs do not have to be limited to the womenfolk. A man can opt for a heart tattoo as well. There are a number of ideas for heart tattoos for men.
The king of the jungle is also a popular tattoo design for men. There are various designs in lion tattoos for men, which will give you better options.
If you feel, that there is an angel looking upon you all the time, then you may want to opt for angel tattoos for men. They can also be done in memory of your loved one.
The nautical star tattoos for guys is often seen on sailors or soldiers, who are going to be away for a long period of time. It is said, that the star takes care of the person, when the person is in trouble. However, if you like the design, then why would you not get it?
The koi fish tattoos are popular, as the koi fish is well-known for its sheer grit and determination. They fight and swim in the opposite direction of the flow of water to get to their destination.
Some people believe in the theory of the wolves and the sheep. If you are the kinds, who carves a special path for yourself, then wolf tattoos are for you.
The latest trend are the tattoo letterings. They are used to tattoo the sayings or words special to the person.
The claddagh tattoos have also become very popular for the look of the design.
When we hear about butterfly tattoos, we look at it as a tattoo for women. However, you can convert this tattoo into a men's tattoo. You can get a dragon fly or a male butterfly tattoo, etc. to add twist to the butterfly tattoo.
If you are not sure about your tattoo design, then you can opt for heena tattoos. These tattoos will not stay long and go away soon. At the same time for a temporary tattoo, you can make use of heena tattoo designs for men.
Zodiac Tattoos for Men

For simple tattoo designs for men, you can also use zodiac tattoos. You can either choose to get a pictorial zodiac tattoo or choose lettering tattoo. They make for an interesting small tattoo ideas. Both of them make for a fabulous tattoo design. You can take a look at zodiac tattoo ideas for men below.

zodiac tattoosAquarius - Aquarius Tattoo Designs
Pisces - Pisces Tattoo Designs
Aries - Aries Tattoo Designs
Taurus - Taurus Tattoo Designs
Gemini - Gemini Tattoo Designs
Cancer - Cancer Tattoo Designs
Leo - Leo Tattoo Designs
Virgo - Virgo Tattoo Designs
Libra - Libra Tattoo Designs
Scorpio - Scorpio Tattoo Designs
Sagittarius - Sagittarius Tattoo Designs
Capricorn - Capricorn Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Placement Ideas for Men

After having seen the tattoo design ideas for men, we will turn towards tattoo placement. There are a number of ideas available for tattoos for different parts of the body. The most common body part to be tattooed is the arm, hence, we will start with tattoo ideas for the arm.

Arm Tattoo Ideas
You must have seen men working their arms a lot in the gyms. It is important for men to have well built arms. The arm tattoos for men are used to accentuate their well built arms. The arm can be divided into sleeve tattoos for men, forearm, wrist, etc. The forearm tattoo designs for men differ a little from the tattoos for other parts of arm. Take a look:
Forearm Tattoos for Men
Armband Tattoos for Men
Wrist Tattoos for Guys
Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Men
Back Tattoo Ideas
The biggest canvas for a tattoo is the back. A number of designs are put together to make an interesting back tattoo design. Alternatively, a particular design of your choice can be enlarged to cover the entire back.

colored tattoo
Shoulder Tattoo Ideas
The shoulder tattoos for guys are popular, when a bigger tattoo has to be made. One can opt for a dragon tattoo, tribal tattoos, etc., to be made on the shoulder.

Stomach Tattoo Ideas
People choose to decorate their well ripped abs with stomach tattoos. Dragon tattoos is a very popular design for stomach tattoos. An anchor tattoo can also be used to honor the anchor of the body, i.e. the core, which is located below the stomach muscles.

Chest Tattoo Ideas
After the arm tattoos in the popularity chart comes the chest tattoo. Among the rib cage tattoos for men, the tribal chest tattoos, nautical star tattoos on chest, etc., are very popular. Apart from these, you can choose a chest tattoo design, which will speak about your personality.

Neck Tattoo Ideas
Although neck tattoos are not very common among men, they nevertheless make for interesting tattoo placement. There is a huge variety of designs, you can choose from for a neck tattoo.

I hope with this write-up, you have found the right tattoo design for you. Once you have decided the right design from the various tattoo designs for men, you can choose to get a temporary tattoo made. If you like the end product, then you can opt for a permanent tattoo, so that you do not have to go through the pain of tattoo removal or redoing the tattoo.